Hei, My name is Walter


I am a dutch photgrapher and graphic designer with a international experience from food & beverage relateted companies. Living and working in Norway since 2002.


Due to a accident i had to chanche profession. Wich came naturally to photo and graphic design, because my resant work with consept develepment, sales, space managment, procurement & managment in the hotel & restaurant bussines


My early work experience with food and beverage made me become enthiosasm about product, food and beverage photography and portraits. The colors & forms make me remember the satishfaction about working with materials and people.


Nature is as well a favorite of mine. Finding new things every time you look at the picture makes it verry exiting.


When it comes to graphic design, i have been working with direct marketing, Profil and logo design, information magazins and reasently a CD cover.


Working with people and materials, making something creative is something that makes my day.


Please take a look at my portfolio our CV, our contact me her.

The tools i work with

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